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Now that we have set the stage of the political landscape after this first round, last week, let’s take a deeper dive into the candidates’ programs regarding Europe. What kind of project do they have regarding Europe?

You may have noticed that as a president of the European Union Council, Emmanuel Macron put the idea of European Union sovereignty as a priority. It’s part of a larger discussion which appears to be opposed to the idea of a Europe of nations. As a result we can already see that there is an opposition between both visions of Europe.

That debate is growing stronger between European Union sovereignty versus the sovereignty of nations. Marine Le Pen wants to insist on the priority of national law above European law and she also wants to challenge the German French which has been at the heart of the European Union since the beginning of the European Union.

Emmanuel Macron on the other hand, wants to pursue the integration of the European Union through greater mutualization of projects.

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